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The first section has settings how you want to check for updates to ZoneAlarm the Firewall, not the Virus scanner or Malware scanner. You can set it to automatically check for update, or do it manually. If it is set to automatic, then when an update becomes available on ZoneAlarm servers then it will inform you. Sometimes folks complain that they are not notified when an update comes out. ZoneAlarm has a rolling style update notification. This is to prevent an overload of their servers. So it may take a couple days after an update is put on the servers before you are notified. If you have manual selected, then you will not be notified until you click the check for update button. Also that button will also work if you are set on automatic notification.

The next section is the password section. If you click the Password button you will get the following window,

Once you have a password set, you will need to login to make changes to the settings anywhere. Depending on your settings, others may be able to allow programs temporarily. But to make the changes permanent, the password is required. The one place this isn't true is with the parental control. If a site is blocked, there is only one way to view it, and it requires the password. The other button in the password section changes. If a password is set, you will be able to click it to logon. Once you have logged on, then it will say logout. If you stay logged on, and walk away, then Junior will be able to walk up to the computer and go to those adult sites. So once you are logged on, make your changes and then logoff.

The next section is the Backup and Restore Security Settings section. If you press the Backup button then your entire settings will be saved to a an XML file wherever you want, and with whatever name you want. If your settings become corrupted then click the restore button and point it to the XML file you made earlier.

The next section is the General options. Here you can set ZoneAlarm to start with Windows. If the box is unchecked, then you will have to manually start ZoneAlarm. If you click the options button then you will see the following window,

This option is used if you are connected to the internet thru a proxy server

The last section on this page is the Contact ZoneAlarm section.

Alert me with a pop-up before I make contact Displays a warning before contacting ZoneAlarm to deliver registration information, get product updates, research an alert, or access DNS to look up IP addresses. It will not notify you about DefenseNet contacts (that is a different setting), AV or AS updates, when contacting ZoneAlarm for advice.
Hide my IP address when applicable Prevents your computer from being identified when you contact ZoneAlarm, a Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. Company.
Hide the last octet of my IP address when applicable Omits the last section of your IP address (for example, 123.456.789.XXX) when you contact ZoneAlarm, a Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. Company.
Share my security settings anonymously with ZoneAlarm Periodically sends anonymous configuration data to ZoneAlarm (the DefenseNet community), except for those using ZoneAlarm Free or ZoneAlarm AV