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I am not going to get into all the different kinds of information that can be kept in the vault. Just suffice it to say, any data can be put in here. Some kinds are preformatted and have options. Here is the list.
Access PIN Personal access code or other ID number. Maximum of 6 characters. For added security, Access PINs are always encrypted.
Address Maximum 30 characters.
American Express card For added security, ZoneAlarm security software does not record the last 5 digits of your American Express card number.
Bank account Maximum 14 characters.
Credit card For added security, ZoneAlarm security software does not record the last 4 digits of your credit card number.
Driver's license Maximum 15 characters.
eBay password The password you use to access the eBay Web site. Your eBay password can only be sent to eBay. Maximum 20 characters.
E-mail Address Maximum 60 characters.
International tax ID Maximum 15 characters.
Mother's maiden name Maximum 30 characters.
Name Maximum 30 characters.
Passport number US passport number or other International ID number. Maximum 30 characters.
Password Enter the password to be protected. Maximum 20 characters.
Phone Separators such as parentheses and dashes are not allowed. Maximum 13 characters.
US Social Security number Requires 9 digits.
Other Use this field to enter items that either do not correspond to any of the pre-configured categories, or which exceed the character limit for the corresponding category. Maximum 30 characters.

But you need to think about what you enter in here. Take a pin number. It can be 4 numbers long. If ZoneAlarm detects ANYTHING that has those 4 digits next to each other, it will be blocked. So if you do enter in information, I recommend a medium setting on the slider, so you will be asked, and then don't automatically think that what is detected is actually being passed to the internet. It is possible that what is being filtered is actually part of something else that is legit. This option can be a sticky problem. Also if you do use this feature, leave the encryption turned on, if you don't then the entries will be stored in plain text if you know where to look for it. That is why some of the preset entries do not give you the option to turn off the encryption. The five buttons down in the corner for the most part do exactly what they say except for the Options button, it gives you a popup that gives you the option to display the encryption confirmation or not. Top